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Continuous Cell Hydration for Long Term Health

Where did the idea for Cluster X2 Come from?

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’Healing Springs’. . . fact or fiction? While some literally ‘staked their life’ on the water from these ‘healing springs’, such as Lourdes in Southern France and Kiromisu outside of Kyoto, Japan For years, there have been springs around the globe known as ‘healing springs’. While some believed that there was no validity to the claims, scientists were left with an unexplained phenomenon, which led to years of research.

Two decades ago, Dr. Lee Lorenzen began a research project to explain these reported ‘healing springs’. His researchers found that 'healing springs' such as Lourdes in Southern France and Kiromisu outside of Kyoto, Japan, are effective because they contain natural clusters in the spring water. Unfortunately, to take advantage of these springs, it was found that one must drink the water at the spring (the source). It was determined that the clusters found in the spring water were unstable and, therefore, the water must be consumed within minutes after it comes to the surface. It was never successful to try to take the water away from the spring and drink it later.

After years of research and development, Dr. Lorenzen created a patented process to create stable water clusters that will last longer than the water from those ‘healing springs’.

Why is Cluster X2 the Best?

The patented Clustered Water Template Induction Process was designed to create rings of water (5, 6, and 7 membered rings) that are collapsed around organic complexes such as proteins, amino acids and other compounds. High frequency vibration is applied to the water-protein complex using the latest in ceramic and laser technology. Prior to the end of the process the protein base is removed.

The result is a semi-liquid crystal that resonates at a designed and predictable frequency. The specific frequencies of each crystalline clustered water solution is designed to be amplified by the cells and transferred through resonant paths to tissues in need of "tuning".

The goal of the Template Induction Process is to create nontoxic water solutions that favorably impact biological systems through completely safe coherent energy transfers, using cell systems themselves, much like a fiber optic cable transfers data.
(Patented process US Patent #'s: 5,711,950, Titled: Process for Preparing Microclustered Water, Filed: March 4, 1994, and 6,033,678, Titled: Microclustered Water. Filed December 4, 1997)

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Using Cluster X2

For best mixing and effectiveness, mix two tablespoons of the Cluster X2 in one gallon of distilled water and store in the refrigerator, or you can freeze the Cluster X2 (after mixing with the distilled water) and drink it as it thaws.

-Dr. Robert I Bender, FAAFP

Hydration with Cluster X2

Hydration with clustered water

There is drinking water, then there is drinking Cluster X2 water. This patented, concentrated herbal supplement puts water into a form that is more easily absorbed by our trillions of cells. Properly hydrated cells means healthy cells. Zero calories and 100% hydration, get your Cluster X2 today.

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